2017 Friends of East Lansing Jazz

Join together with other jazz fans in the community and support the 2017 SSJF. Friends will receive acknowledgement on www.eljazzfest.com and recognition on-site, among other perks. In addition, those giving a minimum of $75 (or $100 per couple) will receive special reserved seating at the festival. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. 

2017 Friends of East Lansing Jazz

Jazz fans that support the 2017 SSJF

Swing Cat ($300-$499)

Debbie & Dave Gift
Jill Canny & Rob Last
Wes & Susan Reedy

Hip Cat ($150-$299)

John & Diane Goddeeris
Carol & Allyn Faith
Dave & Noel Closs
Kenneth & Marie Corey
Karen & Jerry Jennings
Elizabeth & Robert Anderson
Thomas & Patricia Kaplan
Jevelyn A. Bonner
Bruce Miller & Maureen O'Higgins
Thomas & David Block-Easterday
Howard & Beverly Reilly
Richard Schwartz & Julie Winkler
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Tomie Raines
Odile & Wolfgang Mittig

Cool Cat ($25-$149)

Bill & Mary Fulmer
Camden Bryce & Callen Spencer Currie 
Wendy S. Rowan
Pauline Adams
Steve & Fran Yelon
Steve & Nancy Ocwieja
Patricia Huddleston
Ellen & Jeff Dunn
Elizabeth Schweitzer
Elizabeth Meyers
Nancy Austin Dixon
Martha L. Brick
David Brower
Pat & Dave Brogan
Jim & Judy Cunningham
Deborah & Steven Weiland
Jerry Mattson
Elinor Holbrook
Carol & Fred Mitchell
Dan & Lisa Pappas
Horace M. Small
Kenneth Morrison
Rick & Jane Church
Sandy Gebber
Joseph & Elaine Natoli
Carol & Robert Cukier
Gordon J. Wilson
Steve & Beth Troost
Michael & Monique Jost
Jerry & Barbara Zielinski
David W. Stowe
Don LeDuc & Susan Coley
Dr. Gregory M. Maxon DDS, PC
Terry & Anne Curry
Delores & Fred Rauscher
Lynne Swanson
Marilyn Laughlin
Mary Anne & John Larzelere
Alan & Jean Friend
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Greenberg
Paula Bladen
Robert Jr. & Joy Brown
Tina & Edward Oxer